Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in rewind

I read once somewhere, that its hardest to write when you’re happy, but when you're upset or on the negative side of emotions words flow out like a water fall. I guess I believe that now. I never realized how good my life had been up until recently. These past few months have honestly been some of the best I can remember. As a result of that I guess, I haven’t written anything in what feels like forever. I won’t lie; I’ve missed the feeling of the keys under my fingers and the ease of which I can release my words and emotions. I can come unbridled and let the world know how I feel.  

This year has truly been a rollercoaster for me… one that has had so many ups, downs, twists and turns that frankly I’m surprised I made it out in one piece. I’ve met people I thought would be in my life forever and lost them, I’ve met people who I thought were temporary fixes and found them to be the best of friends; and then there are the people that I knew before that reappeared and the ones who disappeared. This has really been a year for meeting people, people that have honestly changed my life. I’m thankful, for they have changed me for the better and made me who I am meant to be.

The events that have rocked my small world too… its so much to take in when you think about it in one setting. I started trying to grow up this year, started trying to state my independence. I haven’t done too good a job with it yet, but something’s gotta give sooner or later right?

I’m honestly lost,
Wondering where I should be
And what I should do.
Unable to make the right choice
Ignorant to what is wrong.
Falling down the deepest hole
Plunging into the deepest well.
Losing track of time and depth
Forgetting everything and everyone.
Waiting for the ceiling to come rushing up to me,
The ground to be waiting below.
The key hole to swallow me whole
And the rabbit to rush me away…

Have a happy New Year