Saturday, January 5, 2013

Batman and Robin sitting in a tree

So I just finished watching Batman: Dark Knight Rises.

I have tried finding someone to discuss this with, but no one cared to talk about it. So instead I am going to blog about it :)

(I am learning that my blog is slowly becoming my best friend, pathetic I know)

So let me begin...

The film was overall a good one. Plenty of drama and very engaging. The plot twists were surprising yet not out of the realm of possibilities. From a cinematographic point of view the film was a great success.

But from a story line and believability point the film was lacking.

Beginning with the idea of Bane's take over of the stock market. The security inside the stock market appeared to be extremely tight, with both metal detectors and camera facial scans, yet a countless number of men were able to stroll in carrying some very heavy fire power. No alarm was raised until Bane himself tries to walk in wearing a motorcycle helmet... And they were all able to exit the front doors of the market on motorcycles... Where did these come from exactly? The film momentarily lost me at this point. 

Another aspect was the need for the previous films to understand the current one. Like any good novel or film a few brief flash backs would not have been too much to add. The flashbacks to the Commissioner and his son did provide a minimal insight into that specific story, but that was also explained when Bane read Gordan's speech out loud to the town before he released the prisoners. The film was over three hours long, so having a few more minutes to explain things would not have been such a horrid thing (since the films came out so far apart).

Overall a good film though. 

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