Friday, January 11, 2013

Which one is for you?

Of fire and demons
 of heaven and air,
between the two chose with care.
Of burning bodies deep inside,
of light and feathers way up high.
Live all you want,
Drink, sex and play,
If hells the place you want to stay.
But if you desire a peace of mind,
and your own little space on cloud nine,
beware of sin,
for heaven's sake,
do your best to make no mistake.

The two will war,
as they clear you a place.
Praying, lusting
for you to turn thier way.
Make your choices,
do so with care,
between the pits
and between the air.

Which is right
and which is wrong?
Which can break you
or make you strong?
A life of sin
a death of pain,
walking the end
of the devil's chain.
A life of virtue,
a death so gay,
God's land for you
to be free and play.

Choose wisely my friend,
you get but one,
live or die only for fun.
Speak not of fate,
or destiny to undo
the choice resides solely in you.
I have dug my grave,
laid the flowers to rest,
having passed
my final test.
I know what I want
the question is doyou?
Where shall you choose
between the two.

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