Friday, January 4, 2013

Wanted... Dead or Alive

So, speak of the devil...

The horned beast has apparently been monitoring my posts. I wasn't aware of this... But I guess I knew it was coming...

Well he emailed me... i guess he didn't like me sharing "our story" (his words) with the public world. The funny thing is he doesn't seem to realize no one cares about my life and about my story. So yea, I get this email threatening me to delete the post. But I don't want to. He wants to see me though. I think I'm going to see him. I don't see what could end badly with that right? I mean... I have my knife on me. And I'm stronger than I was.

I'm meeting him at 4.
I'll finish this post after.

So I just got back from being with spike... I opened this draft from earlier. Even I'm not stupid enough to post something like that about him before seeing him. I think i made a mistake... I shouldn't have gone.... I wonder if I hurt Blip... I don't think so... but I wrote a sort of ballad about the night...

Here we are and I can't think from all the pills hey
Start the car and take me home

Here we are and you're too drunk to hear a word I say
Start the car and take me home

Just tonight I will stay
And we'll throw it all away
When the light hits your eyes
It's telling me I'm right
And if I, 
I am through
It's all because of you
Just tonight

But here I am and I can't seem to see straight,
But I'm too numb to feel right now

And here I am watching the clock that's ticking away my time
I'm too numb to feel right now

Do you understand who I am
Do you wanna know
Can you really see through me now
I am 'bout to go

But just tonight I won't leave
I'll lie and you'll believe
Just tonight I will see
That it's all because of me

It's all because of you
Just tonight

It's all because of you
Just tonight

i'm not proud of myself... I was an idiot... he touched me. It burned my skin, but when I said stop, he stopped. Maybe I was wrong about him... Maybe we can work it out and be happy again.


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